Shahnaab Alam Co Directed Aye Watan Tere Liye, a Multistar Film Industry Event For The Indian Army

Shahnaab Alam Co-Directed “Aye Watan Tere Liye”, a multi-star film industry event for your Indian Army

Apart from being the executive producer in the mainstream Bollywood flicks, Shahnaab Alam even offers spearheaded a number of off the beaten track projects. It is as a result of this type of initiative that helped him to try out part in producing ‘Ghoom Taana’, a quick musical film. This film included cast and support staffs from both India and Pakistan in equal numbers. It is indeed a noble project that featured Nandita Das and also included an eponymous song as sung by Salman Ahmad, the lead singer in the Pakistani band Junoon along with the notable Indian classical singer Subha Mudgal. The sole aim in the project ended up being bring people of both countries all-around each other, and thereby strengthening the cultural ties.

Shahnaab Alam movies have always made a distinct mark. A mark which includes something to inform gonna the viewers. A mark containing something to provide these with much to ponder about. Just like his upcoming project named as ‘Motherland’ handles reflecting all of the Indian landscapes in three different stages – tropical, desert, and mountain. Therefore, his next venture can also be awaiting to educate yourself regarding something new, something are not explored till date. It is by projecting this sort of ingeniousness that any from the projected Shahnaab Alam Bollywood flicks make audiences glued with it. So, if you are hearing anything received from his production house, it really is have got to be described as a great.

Mr Alam been specifically credited with direction of your large amount of mega events. Some with the most notable ones are co-directing 1997’s Ad-Club Awards, and co-directing the earliest Lux Zee Cine Awards understanding that from the 1st Sansui Viewers Choice Movie Awards over the following year. The most prominent Shahnaab Alam news continues to be his association with Anupam Kher, one in the respectable prolific actors Bollywood has ever produced, in co-directing ‘Aye Watan Tere Liye’, that has been a gala Bollywood event presented for that bravehearts of Indian Army. The event took Mr Alam to scale great heights inside the Indian film industry, and seemed to be applauded within the reviews and critical assessments for his authenticity and force.

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